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Cozumel 2008 Slideshow
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For now, I take photographs purely for the joy of creating and sharing images. Well that, and because it keeps me sane (relatively speaking). The kitty watching over me as I work is my elderly cat Peedunk, shortly before she died at 16+ years. This image of her won a photography contest in our local paper.

After nearly three decades of doing very little photography, the availability of an electronic darkroom rekindled my interest. The physical darkroom was an integral part of my delight in film photography in high school and early college, and it is an integral part of my current "work." I started my recent explorations by restoring old family photographs. The photo below is a recent restoration, although it is not a photograph from my family albums:

For the past three years I have photographed my daughter's high school productions, learning how to take photography of moving high school students in low light without a flash.

And, of course my teenage daughter is a favorite subject: Homecoming 2007 - Masquerade!